Wednesday, December 17, 2008 is another neat website I really enjoy. The concept behind Threadless is that people can submit t-shirt designs in hopes of having their very own design created. The designs are voted on by the Threadless community (basically anyone who has registered account).

If your design is chosen, you will receive all kinds of cool stuff! You earn $2,000 for your design in addition to a $500 Threadless giftcard and an additional $500 each time your design is reprinted. Even if you are not an artist, you still have a chance at earning some extra cash by submitting t-shirts slogans. If your slogan is printed, you get $500.

Right now Threadless is having a big sale. This is the best time to get tees for $5, which is a steal! They also have $10 and $15 tees. But hurry fast before your size runs out (which trust me, it will)!

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