Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Saying Goodbye to 2008

2008, you were a strange year for me. You started out bad. I was in a relationship with someone for all the wrong reasons. The first three months of you, I was miserable and depressed. Then something crazy happened on March 16th--I was free.

2008, you brought me many firsts. You were the first year in which I have been single for the majority of the year since 2001.

2008, you were the first year I flew on an airplane alone to visit a friend in San Diego for the first time.

2008, you marked the first time I visited New York and went to a Broadway Show with my dad and cousin.

2008, you were the first year I drove myself to the airport, parked my car, got on a plane to Chicago, took the subway train downtown, and went to a graduate school open house on my own.

2008, you were there the first time I ended things with a guy after 3 months of dating when I had a feeling things just wouldn't work out.

2008, you helped me realize that being on my own wasn't so bad and that there were a lot of things I actually enjoyed about being single and living on my own.

2008, you helped me discover my hobbies like crocheting, reading, and writing.

2008, you gave me back my friends I thought I had lost and you brought me closer to my family. You made me realize that those are two things that I cherish deeply and could not live without.

2008, you helped give me the push I needed to pursue grad school and the confidence to know that I will do it.

2008, you helped me find an amazing therapist who has helped me grow as a person and tackle issues I never thought I could talk about with anyone. I am so blessed.

2008, you were an amazing year. You have taught me so much about myself and others. I know sometimes I may have been angry at you and I didn't always understand why you put me through the things you did, but now I realize it was all for a reason. I love you so much for what you have represented for me and while it is bittersweet to say goodbye, I know that we must part ways.

I can't wait to see what surprises await me in 2009!

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