Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Insomnia Word Vomit

In life, in general we aren't aware when we are hurting others. I know it's not always intentional, but it's interesting that people are either not aware, or even when you bring it to their awareness they still may never get it. This is my way of letting go what I cannot control. This is directed at no one in particular--just a random collection of feelings and thoughts I am experiencing all jumbled into one. Also, I'm extremely tired and can't get to sleep, so if this doesn't make a whole lot of sense, that is why.

Ok, I will admit only that some of this is aimed at my father but that's all you get! ;)

I don't need a spokesperson.
I don't need a back massager,
Or ego stroker.

I don't need a narcissist,
I don't need a nemesis,
Or pacifist.

I don't need a lecturer,
I don't need a pick-me-down,
Or all around bully.

I need a friend,
I need a supporter,
and a believer in me.

I need upfront,
I need care and concern,
and I need it to be real.

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