Thursday, February 19, 2009

Slow down, Tiger!

Just as I was thinking "I don't have time to update this thing," I ran across this:

Is that a sign or what? I guess my problem isn't lack of time, but for better words lack of being able to say no. I need more time for myself. I need time to work on the things that really matter to me. I NEED to finish my grad school application, yet social obligations and amazing opportunities (like a 100% all-paid-for trip to Las Vegas) continue to get in the way of accomplishing my goals. Granted, my friends and family are of the utmost importance to me. I would way rather be spending time with them then writing a paper, researching, or doing whatever it is that I need to get done, but it's beginning to interfere with my goals and stressing me out at the same time.

My social life is very important to me, so it makes sense it would be difficult to turn down social invitations. Part of the reason I want to become an event planner is because I love social events. But it's taking it's toll on me, physically and mentally. Well anyway, this is just a rant and a reminder to myself to slow down and make time for myself.

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