Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My "Crochetions"

I thought I'd finally get around to posting pictures of the crochet projects I made as gifts this past Christmas. I made dish towels and homemade soap for most of the gift baskets. I also made two baby bibs for Stephanie's son Braydon. Unfortunately, however, I don't have any pictures of the biggest project I worked on which was a crocheted purse for Darcy. Maybe I can have her pose with it next time I see her!

Anyway, just realize I am kind of an amateur at this, but I am gradually getting better and better. I've got some new projects on the horizon so stayed posted for that. Enjoy!

Scarf I made Garrett.

Gift basket for my mom.

Gift Basket for Jackie.

Gift basket for Emma.

Gift basket for Stephanie.


  1. You're so talented. I've only ever been able to make crochet ropes.

  2. LOL, Yeah, I think I managed to make a rope myself. The purse is freaken FABULOUS! You'll have to get a pic of it next time u come over since my camera is broken. Hmmm, strangly that tea cup basket looks familiar :P

  3. I recycled it :) I'm trying to get rid of stuff before I move.