Wednesday, August 13, 2008

First entry

So, I finally decided to start a real blog. I'm not sure if I'll let anyone read it. Maybe for now this will give me some kind of peace of mind. Basically, I am starting this because I am on the road to self-discovery. I am doing a lot of things to try to "find myself" and this is one of those things. I just want to live a happy and fulfilling life, and I guess that starts with knowing exactly who I am and what I want in life.

A lot of things changed for me 5 months ago. I got out of a brutal and agonizing relationship that was anything but healthy. Not only did I lose a huge piece of myself, but I also lost a lot of friends along the way. I didn't know how to get out. I can't even describe the fear that was in my heart. I started going to church, just searching for some kind of meaning in my life. I needed hope. Then one day, my prayers were finally answered and by a true miracle I was finally rescued. All I know is, I couldn't have done it on my own. Everything that happened since that day only helped make me stronger and see things for what they really were. From that day on, I never turned back, and I cannot believe some of the wonderful things that have happened since.

I tend to be pessimistic and sometimes I really forget all the great things in my life. It's so easy to focus on the negative. Thinking back to were I was 6 months ago, or a year ago, really puts things into perspective.

So anyway, that is a brief back story. It's getting late, but I will write more later.

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