Saturday, May 9, 2009

Weekend Update

I finally updated my book and music info. I try to keep things up to date, but I find that I have less and less time to dedicate to a blog. I would love to write a real blog that people would actually come to read, but I'm not sure I have any wisdom of interest to impart onto the world. Really I am just someone who is living life day to day, trying to figure herself out and find the key to true happiness.

Unfortunately my negativity really holds me back. I don't know what it is about this week, but I've felt completely off kilter both mentally and physically. Last week I did so well with my eating and working out. This week I ended up binging on icing leftover from my cake decorating class. I HIGHLY do not recommend this! I never knew what a sugar crash felt like until this week. It's like the worst hangover (x) a million! The funny thing is, it wasn't even one of those pre-meditated binges. It was like, "Hey-o I've got some icing leftover. I could put a little on this animal cracker and it wouldn't kill me..." Then, complete loss of control. It wasn't even a guilt-induced binge. Literally it sprang out of no where.

Fortunately I kept up on my workouts. It's just really discouraging because I feel like no matter how much I work out, as long as I'm struggling w/ my food issues, working out is not going to make any difference. I cannot stress enough how much I just want to drop 10 lbs, especially before I move to San Diego. It would help my self-confidence so much. I want to start dating and be in the same "playing field" as the caliber of men I find attractive. You'd be surprised how many guys on want to find a girl that is "active". That is code for: fatties need not apply. So if anyone has any ideas on how to get there, please enlighten me!

Also, if you want to critique my workout routine that'd be great!

Monday: 30 mins cardio, 30 mins strength training (upper body)
Thursday: 55 mins cardio (15 walking on incline, 20 elliptical, 20 stair climber)
Friday: 30 mins Shred video
Sat: 15 mins intense cardio (ellptical), 25 mins strength training (lower body)

I have a huge gap on Tues and Weds because I've got my cake decorating class on Tues nights, and therapy on Weds nights.

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  1. When you stop stressing about it, it will come off easier. Its hard..I know. I was stressed all weekend and I messed up my diet. I didn't eat bad at all, I ate wayyy too much of what I should..and thats enough to set me back. But tomorrow, like riding a bike, I get back up again and take off where I left off. Don't feel like you are alone in that, its like that for all of us!

    Your working out is awesome! good job !!! Focus on the energy levels and the good feelings you get from accomplishing small goals..and the weight will come off over time. Enjoy it! I have a trainer that reminds me of that..I need it to on those bad days or weeks :)

    as for meeting someone, when you least expect it, it will happen. it always happens that way. Until then, this time is all about you and your goals..and your need to figure more about yourself. Enjoy this time in your life to be deserve nothing less than the best, and sometimes that means waiting till the best comes along.