Saturday, November 22, 2008

Ashley Simpson Has A Baby Boy

Ashley Simpson just had her baby boy and you can bet she's following in the footsteps of the many other celebs in the baby naming trend that's hit Hollywood. You see, in an effort to make their children feel both unique and special, celebs have taken baby naming to the extreme. Names like Apple (Gweneth Paltro's daughter), Harlow (Nicole Richie's daugher), Cruz (David and Victoria Beckham's son) and Jermajesty (Jermaine Jackson's son), are not just unique names, but altogether strange names that lest for a few exceptions sound befitting for slew of pimps and hoes.

Why is there such a obsession in Hollywood with odd-ball and attention-grabbing baby names? Don't celebrities already attract enough attention? It's pretty obvious that many celebs crave the limelight, but are they setting a path for their children as well? Only time can tell. As for me? I'm sticking with names that are rare but beautiful, classic and timeless. For a girl--Lily Carmen. For a boy--Porter. Well, for now anyway...

And Ashley Simpson's name of choice? Bronx Mowgli Wentz. Barf, barf, and triple barf!


  1. By far the craziest baby names I've heard: Pilot Inspektor, Moxie Crimefighter, and JermaJesty.

    Yes, all real. Shame shame.

  2. Bronx I like. As for the middle reaction was and still is..WTF??!?

  3. I don't like Bronx. It sounds too tough and harsh for a baby.