Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I Am Like An Atom Bomb

I am like an atom bomb
Waiting to explode
Or maybe I will implode

But wait
What's that?
I feel myself getting stronger
I am no longer the thing I feared
The girl that was weak
Afraid to speak
Her truth

You see
I have made it this far
With only myself to rely on
It would have been so easy to give up
Give in
Live more lies

Instead I chose to cry
Over life
Over him
Over me

You see
You didn't deserve me
You deserted me
I deserted you
Neither cared enough
To see this through

It was rough
and still is
I fell in love with the pieces of you
That reminded me of him
Or him of you

Your passion for my passion
Only yours was stronger
More brilliant, more explosive
I wanted to embody that passion in you
Share with you
Get high off you

But when fakeness turns to fashion
And the evening's high wears off
The morning reveals the lies
Washes off the dirt and make-up
Of what we were
Of what was

The truth is that destiny will not
Let me explode
Delay would have been easier
But wasteful
And I am no longer wasteful

So I quit waiting
And starting moving on
Leaving behind the remnants
Of that old atom bomb

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  1. If that's one of your own poems I thinks its really well written and extremely expressive...